Same Day Delivery & Courier Services

Same Day Delivery & Courier Services

Cequin Solutions specialise in Same Day collection and deliveries using only dedicated vehicles. With most processes happening just in time and storage space at a premium, we help to minimise the urgent Same Day logistics part of the jigsaw.

From small parcels to multiple pallets we can transport pretty much anything, all deliveries are carried out by the same person who collects your goods, taking them straight to their destination.

So why should you use a dedicated Same Day courier service? There are many reasons, however the principle ones can be summarised as follows...

  • Dedicated Same Day Delivery for Urgent deadlines

    When there just isn't the time to allow for a normal 24 or 48 hour delivery. It could be due to tight turn around of machined items, getting a component on site to get production running or simply an oversight which needs an immediate solution.
  • Dedicated Same Day Delivery for Fragile items

    A standard delivery means that many items are grouped together creating the drivers ‘route’, with multiple stops for collections and/or deliveries resulting in increased exposure for your goods to get damaged along the way. While this method of delivery is undoubtedly the cheapest way to deliver your goods is isn’t the quickest or most secure for your fragile or urgent goods.
  • Assured Same Day Delivery for Sensitive Documents

    When critical documents or other items such as prototypes or samples need to arrive securely to their destination, with minimal risk of loss or delay. Then our Same Day direct delivery is the solution you need.

Why use a Same Day Delivery Service?

Why use Cequin Solutions for your Same Day Delivery requirements?

Here are just some of the reasons:

  • Competitive low cost.
  • Rapid response for time critical situations.
  • The same vehicle will complete the whole process, from collection directly to the delivery destination
  • Same reasonable prices during office hours, evenings, or weekends.
  • The same vehicle will complete the whole process, from collection directly to the delivery destination.
  • Experienced staff, and systems to back them up.
  • We can accommodate pre-booked as well as ad-hoc requirements for Same Day and urgent deliveries