Same Day Courier Services For Manufacturing & Engineering

Same Day Courier services for Manufacturing

Cequin Solutions have the knowledge and experience in the manufacturing and engineering sectors to deal with your urgent Same Day requirements in an efficient and cost effective manner. Trying to balance stock levels and save money are key objectives for many businesses, unfortunately there are the occasional unforeseen circumstances such as machinery break downs which can cause dangerously low or completely out shortages of certain components, stopping production and costing money by the minute. When a “line stopper” has been identified we regularly collect parts from suppliers and deliver them immediately the Same Day with minimal downtime.

With our many years of serving the manufacturing and engineering industries, we have been able to help our clients out of many tight spots which could have otherwise led to dire consequences. Our Same Day manufacturing and engineering couriers can react at short notice and get those extremely urgent parts to wherever they are needed on the Same Day, with only the time it takes to collect and deliver to you. We cut the down time to the bare minimum to help you out as much as possible.

If you need to get components or parts to your engineering team on-site or in the field immediately, then we can take care of your urgent Same Day requirements. Even the best laid plans can sometimes fall short, due to some change in circumstances or requirements as well as a short term systems failure. At short notice we can be on hand to provide the Same Day collection and delivery service to help progress the project in hand. With our tight control on costs, it won’t blow your budget either.

  • Inbound Logistics
  • Production
  • Just-In-Time Line Feed
  • Just-In-Sequence Service
  • On demand delivery of parts
  • Immediate Same Day Manufacturer delivery
  • Daily scheduled Same Day deliveries

Providing Manufacturing & Engineering Same Day delivery services for

Why use Cequin Solutions for your Same Day Delivery requirements?

Dedicated Same Day Manufacturing & Engineering courier for Documents

When there just isn't the time to allow for a normal 24 or 48 hour delivery. It could be due to tight turn around of machined items, getting a component on site to get production running or simply an oversight which needs an immediate solution.

Time Critical Manufacturing & Engineering Same Day Delivery for Fragile goods

A standard delivery means that many items are grouped together creating the drivers ‘route’, with multiple stops for collections and/or deliveries resulting in increased exposure for your goods to get damaged along the way. While this method of delivery is undoubtedly the cheapest way to deliver your goods is isn’t the quickest or most secure for your fragile or urgent goods.

Assured Manufacturing & Engineering Same Day Delivery for your team in the field

When your teams are out in the field missing that crucial ingredient to complete the job, Cequin Solutions can provide a rapid response courier to deliver with minimal down time. If your engineers will be on the move by the time our courier gets there you can change the delivery destination with ease by simple giving us a call and we’ll accommodate your requests to the best of our ability.